natalie pierre, seventeen, senior
with you

For awhile, Natalie didn’t know exactly what to wear and what was unacceptable. All she had in her closet was girly summer dresses, skinny jeans and random shirts. Maybe a few formal dresses but nothing that says let’s get wasted. The girl kind of wanted to make an impression on her new possible friends. She didn’t want to be always seen and known as the nice, innocent girl like she has been for well, the most of her life. Pulling out an old short red dress given by her cousin and pairing it off with black heels, Natalie looked at her reflection in the mirror and shrugged. “This will do,” she said to herself. She left her messy half curled hair as it is. As she made her way down to meet up with Marissa, Natalie had to remind herself over and over to do some shopping while Brooks was still in LA. Carefully sitting down on the chair by the front desk, Natalie sat there quiet as she watched a few of the other students heading out.